Welcome to the Fond Memories of Stephie Pahlavi Zan, an online oasis

I first met Stephie, as so many of his treasured friends have done, through the social medium of the Internet. His warm, open-hearted nature has demonstrated that trust & unconditional love will always triumph over adversity & inhumanity.

Having had the privilege & honor of his friendship and enjoyed his lively companionship in discussing his love of fashion, the power of nature & the nuances of history, it is overwhelmingly evident that Stephie is as enlightened as he is kind & generous.  This site was inspired by my introduction to Stephie so that we may all share our fond memories of the fellowship & joy that Stephie has brought into our lives…

63 thoughts on “Welcome to the Fond Memories of Stephie Pahlavi Zan, an online oasis

  1. It has been an honor to be associated with you. The network has afforded me an opportunity to understand the world as a better place to live in through the thoughts and visions of the members. A friendshp to be truly cherished.

  2. I have been invited to the internet community by Stephie himself since we are connected through Affluence. So far I have not had the opportunity to meet him in person. Would definitely love that very much! The moment he read about my dream Stephie always supported me, never forgot about it, never lost track. I truly like him as a very special, kind, sensitive person who always cares for the others. He is truly a rare gem. That counts most to me.

  3. Stephie discovered me on the internet. In my heart i was on a journey, searching for the answer as to why some religious and or ritual traditions subjected humanity to so much suffering. Why endless wars? I have discovered that he has brought in the PRIVE elite to address these issues. This is the only way to realize world peace without human rights violations. Salute to Stephie!

  4. I met Stephie through networking on the internet and we became friends, although I have never yet managed to meet him in person during my fleeting visits through New York. When I was going through difficult times, and ‘went silent’ for a while, Stephie sensed something was wrong and contacted me – one of the few people to do so. For that I will always be grateful.

    • Yes, Mr. Zan is something of a true “Gentle person,” from what I gather in his manner, that is telling and have yet to meet him myself however, know who is the NYC “go to guy,” when shopping for things I’ll need in a new condo there.

  5. Dear Stephie,I have known you for about 2 years via Facebook and met you through some of your very interesting posts of your family. I was invited to join several of your groups and I did. Just like you,I am proud of my own Royal/Noble bloodlines/heritage.As I have mentioned before,I had immense respect for the Emperor and Empress—and I carry this respect to you,dear Stephie! I don’t know what it must have been like to be a Royal child growing up. I was born and raised as a Boston Brahmin(well-to-do old money) and sent to private schools. Someday,when I visit New York City,it would be fun to meet up for a coffee and chat as friends do.I will say that my world is by far a better place because I have met you,Stephie!

  6. I met Stephie online. A truly warm, imaginative, creative and kind human being. I look forward to meeting him in person as I’m sure he will be even nicer and more welcoming than he already has been.
    The type if person anyone would cherish as a friend…..

  7. Although I do not know Stephie well personally, I still hold a lot of empathy and admiration for him. He is dynamic, engaging, always willing to help people and strengthen his circle of friends. Always involved in humanitarian initiatives, providing interesting events & subjects of interest and delight to his network of contacts. I consider him a great friend.

  8. I first came to be connected with Stephie several years ago via LinkedIn. He exudes a captivating and most magical vibrancy within him. Now, it is a privilege to regularly interact with him since, he speaks on a favorable personal level and makes me ever contented with his vivacious personality.

    He dedicates his time to raising goodwill amongst people and with finesse he advocates international relations, the beauty of Iran, the savoir faire of fashion,art,photography, modeling,etiquette,the spectacle,style,the elegance of luxury, the environment,dramatic expression, and so forth. With his manifested expertise in social skills, he perfectly blends and merges a variety of topics of interest. As an emblem of hope he rises and soars as King of peace and decorum. From head to foot he is a living exemplification of vigorous, progressive action.

    He scatters his love for all, like a God of love and generosity he encloses us all with his swell, cordial, amicable,passionate and charismatic personality. Yes! that he is and eternally much more. Stephie can be tolerant but he is clever to notice whom are his loyal friends and those whom are mere hypocrites. Stephie Pahlavi Zan takes pleasure in genuinely partaking with others. He is sociable, experienced, an efficacious host, versatile, and affectionate. He does not crave for competition nor excessive attention -rather, he lives each day with attentive devotion to humanity and benign causes. Stephie is an encouraging exemplar that unravels new possibilities through his global resourcefulness for others.

    With considerable, persistent effort he has arranged his marvelous boutique which embodies the historic glory of enduring epochs. Furthermore, he has iconic features, like grand Greek sculptures he graces the viewer’s eyes. He has magnetic irises, an open smile, well-rounded lips, lovely skin tones ranging comparatively from fair skin to a glamorous, bronzed, golden tan. He has a dignified, timeless, idiosyncratic allure and yet he shows flexibility in styles. Throughout the years, he still remains authentically, outstandingly designed.

    Most importantly, his charitable-ruby heart is what verily makes him a man of splendid worth. I with veneration adore him for the gentility he has expressed towards me, for his warmness, his originality, his sincerity, for all the beneficial things he does, for his ever devotion towards others. I pray that upon this Earth his legacy will survive as a lasting monument for generations to come.

  9. ~<3~ We love you too Stephie !! Never look back at the haters … Everyone who has big worth has <> who follow him .. But always will be BACK of you ..

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